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Green Policy

We are not just in the middle of nature - we also concern ourselves with nature preservation and green policies.

The Riverside Inn team is convinced that it is possible to have 

 a good guest experience without a large environmental impact.




We use "green" electricity, which is generated 100% from renewable energies. We also accept additional costs but we believe it is worth it and a responsible thing to do. With the use of modern kitchen and household appliances, lamps with LED technology and contemporary insulated windows we operate energy efficient. We also installed and solar panel system to further reduce the impact of the house on the environment. 




Perhaps the most important raw material of this century is abundantly present in Brandenburg at a first glance - but a sensible use of water is decisive for the personal environmental balance. Therefore, we are proud that we work with our own house well in drinking water quality and with the in-house three-chamber small sewage treatment plant to purify the water locally, without the addition of chemicals and return the water cycle. In this way, the house is already more than 96% water-efficient.


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