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Parstein Lake

The Parstein Lake  (colloquially mostly Parsteinsee) is the third largest natural lake in Brandenburg with an area of 1003 hectares. The body of water lies entirely in the district of Barnim, while parts of the eastern and north-western shore areas belong to the district of Uckermark.


Blue water and blue sky as far as the eye can see. The Parsteinsee attracts visitors to its shores, especially in the summer months. As the second largest lake in Brandenburg, the body of water is nestled between the gentle green hills of the Uckermark moraine landscape, which hints on its origins in the ice age. Clear water, charming  bathing areas, a well-groomed and guarded beach in the municipality of Parsteinsee and hundreds of meters of gently sloping lake shores are offering many possibilities to take a dip or to have fun in the water.

Sport lovers enjoy the bike ride around the lake, kayak.

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Ecovillage Brodowin


Brodowin has meanwhile made itself nationwide a name as an eco-village or pioneer location for sustainable agriculture and livestock farming. Beyond the brand name, which is closely associated with the vegetable subscriptions at Berlin's weekly markets or the star kitchens in the capital, the Prussian Angerdorf with the Slavic name has above all retained the charm of a sleepy farming village. Picturesque lakes and vast forests in the immediate vicinity, a beautiful bathing area at the Weißen See, historic farmhouses, a restored church and of course the farm sales of honey, agricultural goods, handicrafts and art attract many tourists and regulars to the small town.

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